Simple, Easy to Use Revolution Slider Builder

Just about every website has a slider these days.

And, if you’re hosting a wordpress website — you’re probably using a Revolution Slider. And if you’re using the revolution slider, then you’re familiar with the Revolution Slider plugin for wordpress. And, if you’ve ever configured your own Revolution Slider, you know that — it’s not a simple task; especially not for a client.

Because building a slider can be a bit of a challenge, I built a simple, “less is more”, interface that clients can use with ease. Sadly, it’s not for WordPress — it is designed to work with straight html websites, but it could be used as a “cut-and-paste” implementation.

Check out demo : Revolution Banner Creator.

You’ll notice that the user is presented with a number of presets. This was done one purpose. The idea after all, is to make it fast and easy for the client, and not to overwhelm with the full list of features Revolution Slider provides.

PLEASE NOTE: The save feature does not work at this time. Includes only a subset of features.