What is a Javascript Callback Function?


When I was asked what a callback function was, I immediately thought of jQuery; as we so often pass a function as a parameter to a jQuery method. Most of the time, a passed in function will execute after the initial method’s code is complete. jQuery’s onClick Function; a Callback method. Examine the sample below […]

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Web Designs


WEB DESIGN SNAPSHOT In no particular order, here are just some web design projects I’ve worked on over the past 20 years. harmonica.com Harmonica Lessons – Web Design – WordPress Integrated payment processing system into wordpress to automatically display products with sales data as set-up outside. Designed and integrated layout alterations into wordpress. Designed and […]

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Case Study: Kings 1912 Mobile Web Design

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 552″ limit=”1″ width=”320″ height=”450″ title=”never”] Kings 1912 Case Study Such is the case with Kings 1912, that their online ecommerce website simply contains far more information than is necessary for presentation on a mobile device. Users want to know your location, and be able to browse your products with ease. The mobile design […]

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Revolution Slider Generator

revolution slider

Simple, Easy to Use Revolution Slider Builder Just about every website has a slider these days. And, if you’re hosting a wordpress website — you’re probably using a Revolution Slider. And if you’re using the revolution slider, then you’re familiar with the Revolution Slider plugin for wordpress. And, if you’ve ever configured your own Revolution […]

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JQuery Plugin for Customer Service Call Center Dialogs


jQuery Plugin for Customer Service Built Better! Ideal for building Call Center scripts for customer service reps to utlize while taking customer calls. This small library for building a nested set of dialogs based off of a nested html ul list. Imagine having a series of dialogs with yes/no branches for each. Each button (yes, […]

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