In no particular order, here are just some web design projects I’ve worked on over the past 20 years.


Harmonica Lessons – Web Design – WordPress

Integrated payment processing system into wordpress to automatically display products with sales data as set-up outside. Designed and integrated layout alterations into wordpress. Designed and developed single sales pages.

Chrysler / Jeep

Chrysler, Jeep – Web Design

As a web developer for Autodata, designed a jeep customizer for Jeep.ca which enables users to customize their own jeep. Carousel scrolling of each of the car parts, and auto swaps the image to update accordingly. In addition, provided ongoing bug fixing for chrysler.com by tracking down issues as reported by ticketing system; and providing solutions to each.

Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander – Web Design Custom C# .NET

Working for Critical Mass as the Interface Developer, sliced the PSD file to pixel perfection and worked with back-end developers to integrate with back-end C# / .NET with dynamic javascript elements. The sliding drawer didn’t which was considered for the home page, but ultimatately didn’t make it into the design, can be viewed here.

Bank of America

Bank of America – Web Design Java HTML CSS

Working for Critical Mass again, worked on their Americas Cheer website which celebrated the 2008 Olympics by integrating facebook, youtube, and twitter live blurbs to a beautiful, dynamic front end. As the Interface Developer, I was responsible for building the front page which randomly selected from three possible layouts, and filled each section dynamically with random social media blurbs.

The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel

Part of a large team of developers working to re-do the entire infrastructure of theshoppingchannel.com website in-house. As the front-end developer, worked with back-end developers on how to integrate a dynamic C# back-end with pixel perfect front end design. The challenges here were the ability to build “zones” dynamically to allow non-developers to affect real change on the site on a go-forward basis (in-house CMS).

Technologo – The place where it all began…


Taking my visual basic experience and parlaying that into asp classic to build a complete suite of online B2B tools directed at the Promotions Industry.